Optimise Website For Users

Optimise Your Website For Users, Not For Search Engines

The internet has evolved in so many ways over the last few years. It can be hard to keep up with the latest tactics for optimising your website’s content, structure and design. In the past, certain tactics became popular that exploited weaknesses in the way search engines or social platforms discovered content. As search engines […]
Importance of Building a Mobile Friendly Website

Missing Out On Clients? Get A Mobile-Friendly Website

Today we learn about Mobile friendly websites and their importance. We all are perfectly aware of the matter a website holds in a business today, from narrating the brand story to providing information about your product and services. An effective website lays a direct foundation for your client connection. The goal is to speak to […]
What is an SEO Site Audit And Why is it Needed?

What is an SEO Site Audit And Why is it Needed?

Do you have a website that is supposed to generate income, but it does not fulfill its function? Low traffic, few orders, poor visibility in search engines? The reason probably lies in the errors or shortcomings of the site itself. You can ignore these shortcomings, you can assume that you have an ideal site. But these shortcomings are noticed […]
How to Get Google Ads Certification

How to Get Google Ads Certification? Full Guide

The Google AdWords contextual advertising specialist certificate will be useful if you provide services for creating and maintaining advertising campaigns in this system. It is also the first step towards earning the Google Partner badge for your agency. I recently received my Google Ads certification.  How to get this certificate? Let’s figure it out. To get it, You […]
What Is Web Design

What is Web Design? How To Do It In Right Way?

Web design is the creation of websites that can be accessed via the internet. It often used to refer to user experience rather than software development. Web design was once primarily focused on websites that could be used in desktop browsers. However, it has become increasingly important to design for mobile and tablet browsers since the […]
Why SEO Takes Time

Why SEO Takes Time & Why It’s Worthy?

It could be quite frustrating when you know that you are working hard, but the result will take time. Well, if you want to increase the rate of your search engine optimization, then you are not alone. Many users raise queries that why SEO takes time? SEO is a process that doesn’t happen at midnight. […]
What Is SEO

What Is SEO? Why It’s Important?

If you’ve developed a website and wants to rank on Google SERP then the first thing you should know. What is SEO? It is very essential for any blog that is created in Hindi or English. This article will provide you with detailed information on SEO. We will also tell you about the different types […]
how to create a website

How To Create A Website In 5 steps?

Find out the article of Digital Akshay how to create your website, from reserving the domain to publishing your first pages online, with these five easy steps. 1. Register A Domain Using Any 800+ extensions Your domain name is part of the picture of your internet activity and is the name that visitors remember. This […]

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