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How To Create A Website In 5 steps?

Find out the article of Digital Akshay how to create your website, from reserving the domain to publishing your first pages online, with these five easy steps.

  • 1. Register a domain using any of our 800+ extensions available
  • 2. Choose a hosting plan based on the volume of traffic expected on the website
  • 3. Choose a module (CMS) and install it in one click
  • 4. Configure the website and add options to optimize its performance
  • 5. Publish your pages directly from the CMS

1. Register A Domain Using Any 800+ extensions

Your domain name is part of the picture of your internet activity and is the name that visitors remember. This name must be unique and reflect your brand, your location and the type of customers of your company. Thus, choosing a good domain is a fundamental step when designing our online identity.

The domain extension is also an essential element for your website and its services, so you should choose the extension that best suits the image you want to offer. There are different types of extensions:

  1. Generic extensions are the most popular all over the world and allow us to offer greater security to visitors: .com, .org, etc.;
  2. local extensions allow us to target Internet users in a specific geographical area: .es, .fr or .it, for example;
  3. custom extensions provide information about website activity: .blog, .shop, etc.

Once the extension is chosen, you will need to create the name of your website using the domain name. This should be short, easy to remember and easy to write so that Internet users can easily find the website. Once chosen, you can check their availability with our Whois tool.

You will then need to register the domain to become its owner. A website with a good domain name will allow you to promote your company and your products, differentiate yourself from your competitors and share your experience with other users through quality content. Discover plans and register your domain today!

2. Choose a Hosting Plan Based on The Volume of Traffic Expected on The Website

A website is based on numerous elements: programming codes, images, databases, scripts, etc. Once finished, the website must be accessible to all users, and that is precisely the function of web hosting.

This infrastructure allows you to display your websites through a server whose function is to provide the files of your website to Internet users who visit it. It is possible to choose between a physical space or the cloud. In any case, hosting is the ideal solution to host a website at a low cost, while maintaining its accessibility. Unlike website building platforms, web hosting will allow you to publish your website online without the need for advertising.

Plan varies depending on the resources available such as storage capacity, expected traffic and the number of websites that can be deployed. Evaluate the objectives of your web project and choose the hosting plan that best suits your needs.

In addition, your hosting adapts to the growth of your company, since our solutions offer you the necessary flexibility to continue developing your websites and applications.

Our online presence is today more important than ever before. With the best hosting provider solutions, your website will enjoy optimal speed and security, adapted to companies of all sizes, from startups to large accounts. Choose the solution that best suits your goals and ambitions!

3. Choose a Module (CMS) And Install it in One Click

A content manager or CMS (from the English “content management system”) allows you to design a dynamic and “responsive” website through an easy-to-use interface. Discover all the advantages of a CMS for your web project:

  • Page Creation – Create a custom home page that respects your graphic design. Write articles about the news of your business or different presentation pages.
  • Languages: get your website up and running without the need for knowledge of programming languages.
  • Features: create product sheets for your e-commerce, contact forms and much more!
  • Community: Turn to the large Spanish-speaking communities of each project for tips and plugin tests to optimize your website.
  • Positioning: each environment allows you to highlight the content, optimize the performance of the pages and improve your positioning in search engines.

By signing up for a domain or hosting plan with the best hosting provider, you can install a CMS for free and available in just one click: all you have to do is choose the CMS module that best suits your project!

How To Create Your Website With WordPress

A blog allows you to have an online diary and add photos, videos and music, among others. WordPress was initially designed to make it easy to create and manage blogs. However, thanks to its careful ergonomics, specially designed for users who lack technical knowledge, this CMS has managed to conquer millions of users. Hosting provider offers you a wide range of pre-installed templates to quickly create your WordPress site. Discover our most intuitive CMS on the market!

Create An Online Store With PrestaShop

Do you want to launch your own ecommerce site? The PrestaShop module allows you to create your online store with online payment. The wide range of features of PrestaShop fits all your needs: manage your product catalog, protect transactions on your website, organize promotional campaigns or launch marketing operations. Do you need help to create your online store? Our documentation explains how to do it step by step.

Create Your Corporate Website With CMS Joomla! And Drupal

A corporate website reflects your image and guarantees your online presence. Create your website without the need for knowledge of programming languages ​​with Joomla! or Drupal ! These two CMS offer a wide variety of customizable elements. Once your website is activated, you will have most of the features you need to launch your web project . In addition, this type of CMS allows you to create more complex websites, aimed at web professionals, agencies, and developers.

Check our comparison of the most popular CMS and choose the most suitable option for your professional website.

Comparison of CMS in One Click

Popularity (average downloads per week)1,000,000N/A113,00034,000
CMS market share59.2%1.3%6.2%4.9%
Free themes+ 2000N/A+ 900+ 1800
Free plugins+ 27,000+ 3000+ 7000+ 24,000
Update Frequency42 daysN/A36 days51 days
Difficulty level*******

4. Configure The Website And Add Options To Optimize its Performance

Hosting provider hosts your site on an optimized platform. If you prefer not to have to worry about installation or technical updates, we recommend that you optimize your website with the following options:

SSL certificate

All our accommodations include a Let’s Encrypt certificate for free. You can purchase an EV SSL certificate so that your company name is displayed next to the famous green padlock in all browsers.

Anti-DDoS protection

Thanks to our exclusive anti-DDoS protection, Hosting provider guarantees permanent access to your hosting, even in the event of an attack! This service is included with all our accommodations.

Private or shared SQL

This service is only available with Performance plans .

Create as many databases as you like, combining scalability, performance, and configuration freedom. Your hosting includes a database where you can store all the necessary files for your website. In addition, you can easily add more databases to meet your needs directly from the hosting provider client area.

Backup and restore

Have you deleted a file by mistake? All our hosting includes a backup option, so you don’t have to re-create your website from scratch, but can resume your work using the latest backup.

Multi-domain management

The multisite option allows you to host multiple websites on one hosting. You can quickly access this option from your client area.

5. Publish Your Pages Directly From The CMS

Once you have created your website and installed the module, log in with the keys that you will receive by email. Then all you have to do is create your website and start generating content.

Your page design should optimize content, text, and images, as well as highlight the most important elements. A consistent graphical interface will allow you to harmonize the different sections of the website. This graphic design refers to the set of rules that are followed in terms of design: font, colors, size of images or logo, among others. Your CMS will allow you to choose a theme and templates that fit your activity.

Internet users arrive at your website expecting to access certain content; your goal is to help them find this content quickly, ensuring they have a positive user experience. Therefore, you must offer them a careful home page and bet on a clear browsing experience. For this, we recommend that you use strategic category names in the menu of your website in order to target your visitors. Likewise, you must adopt a style similar to that of the rest of the media in which you communicate: social networks, brochures, etc. In this way, it will offer a harmonious brand image both in the new digital channels and in the traditional ones.


Once you’ve created your content, you’ll need to promote it to get more visibility. Google My Business is a powerful tool for local businesses, allowing potential customers to easily find your website and access your information online: phone number, opening hours, address, etc. You can also promote your website by posting social sharing links.

Once your website is live, you’ll need to add new content on a regular basis to keep it interesting and maintain your visibility. To do this, you can improve your organic positioning (SEO) in Google and other search engines, since an optimized website will allow you to obtain a better position in the results pages and increase traffic.

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Therefore, we recommend that you periodically review the design and internal mesh of your website: a good organization of your pages will help Google to navigate better and, therefore, your website will obtain a better ranking. Hosting provider offers you different guides to help you create a website adapted to your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Manage A Website?

Manage your website and administrative aspects directly from the CMS. Set up access permissions, page publishing, and website security easily from the site builder tool of your choice.

How to create multiple websites?

First of all, you need to have multiple domains. Next, from the client area, access the multi- domain management.

How to optimize your website?

If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your website, you should pay attention to the statistics of your visits. In this way, you will be able to optimize your organic positioning (SEO) in search engines.

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