How to Get Google Ads Certification

How to Get Google Ads Certification? Full Guide

The Google AdWords contextual advertising specialist certificate will be useful if you provide services for creating and maintaining advertising campaigns in this system. It is also the first step towards earning the Google Partner badge for your agency. I recently received my Google Ads certification.  How to get this certificate? Let’s figure it out.

To get it, You have to pass two exams: AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising Fundamentals

Google Partner Profile

First of all, you will need to create a profile in Google Partners. It is there that all exams are located, as well as access to reference materials. The Partners profile is created in a Google account. If for some reason you don’t have it yet, then it’s time to create a Gmail mail . In addition to Partners, a Google account opens up many more opportunities for your business. For example, you can add your site to Google Search Console .

You need to enter your real first and last name, as well as set your real photo. This data is used in all services connected to your account, including in Partners. The name on your certificate will be the one you specify in your Google account settings. So I recommend using real data.

After setting up your Google account, you can go to the Partners page –

On the landing page that opens, go to the Become a Google Partner tab and click the big green Join button.

Sign up for the service, complete the fields in your Partners profile, and optionally link your personal profile to your agency profile (if one exists). This will help the agency get the Google Partner badge and show it off to their clients. We will talk about what a Google partner badge is in one of the following articles.

Exam Preparation for Google Ads Certification

Now let’s move on to the exams. To get Google Ads certification, you need to pass two exams: the basics of AdWords and an exam in one of the specializations of your choice:

  • search advertising
  • advertising on the display network
  • video advertising
  • mobile advertising
  • commodity ads

Each of these exams will give you a certificate in your area of ​​specialization. You can get several certificates at once if you specialize in more than one type of advertising.

Before submitting, I advise you to prepare, even if you are a professional in AdWords. The fact is that this exam is similar to passing a test at the traffic police after losing your license. Even if you have 10 years of driving experience, you can fail the test, because you will respond intuitively as you would in real life, and not as written in the traffic rules.  With AdWords, it’s about the same story.

Go to the AdWords page and choose the first exam – the basics of AdWords.

And on the page that opens, you will see the current status of your exam, as well as access to help materials at the bottom of the page.

I recommend studying all 4 modules. However, if you have no experience with AdWords and you have never seen the system interface, this manual will seem like a Chinese letter to you, although it is designed for beginners. In this case, I recommend google additional materials, lessons, or sign up for courses on contextual advertising.

Exams Passage

You will have 120 minutes, 100 questions and a passing score of 80% correct answers. If you do not have time to correctly answer 80 questions before the time expires, the exam is not passed. If you give less than 80 correct answers, even if you meet the deadline, you will not pass the exam.

Each question has 4 possible answers. Most of the questions are very simple and do not even require special knowledge in AdWords, just think logically. But there are also tricky questions, and even with semantic errors when translating into Russian (if you are fluent in English, it’s better to take it), the answers to which even the pros baffle. But there are not many such questions.

Once you click Submit Reply, you won’t be able to go back and edit your answer. You can’t skip questions to come back to them later. When you feel ready for the exam, click the big blue Pass Exam button.

If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry! The opportunity to retake will appear after 7 days. If the second time something goes wrong – again after 7 days. Previously, the exam was paid and cost, if I’m not mistaken, $50. Regardless of the outcome. For every transfer. That would be really embarrassing. But now it’s free.

Congratulations, you have passed the AdWords Foundations exam. But you haven’t received the certificate yet. Now you need to prepare for the second exam to get Google Ads Certification. Choose reference materials for your specialization.

Read the manual the same way. The second exam will be more difficult, it will have more specifics, and not general questions, as in the first exam. The reference material here is also more voluminous. In all other respects, this exam is identical to the first.

An Important Point Of Google Ads Exam

The exam is not given once and for all. Exam (and certificate) is valid for 1 year. If you pass AdWords Basics on May 1st and Search Advertising Basics on June 1st, you will receive a certificate on June 1st that will be valid until the expiration date of the first exam, i.e. until May 1st. So try not to take long breaks between exams.

Congratulations, you have passed your Search Advertising exam and are now certified! You can add it to your portfolio, print it, add it to your website, attach it to a commercial offer, etc. In order for customers to see your certificate, you need to open public access to your page in Partners. This can be done in the profile settings.

That’s all. Hope this article will help you get Google Ads Certificate if any query the feel free to contact us. In the future, I plan to obtain a certificate in Google Analytics, for which I will also make a detailed post. Good luck to everyone and subscribe to blog updates.

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