Importance of Building a Mobile Friendly Website

Missing Out On Clients? Get A Mobile-Friendly Website

Today we learn about Mobile friendly websites and their importance. We all are perfectly aware of the matter a website holds in a business today, from narrating the brand story to providing information about your product and services. An effective website lays a direct foundation for your client connection. The goal is to speak to the client’s needs and even create a want where it’s not. You might have a dynamic website that looks great and engages the customer on the desktop. But if it’s not mobile-friendly, let me tell you, my friend, you are missing a great deal of business.

Understand Mobile Technology Today

In the technology-driven world we are in now, mobile internet traffic has far exceeded desktop traffic by quite a margin. Desktop and laptops are a steady platform, but in the fast-paced world, mobile devices are used on the go. People of all ages are into smartphones to work online, read news, browse social media, and chat with friends. Smartphones offer constant access to content, creating a demand for instant information anywhere. Due to this, many websites have adapted the mobile-friendly format. Mobile-friendly websites allow the visitor to get the needed information, whether sitting at a desk or on the move.

Why It’s Important?

If you are still in a dilemma, “Are mobile visitors that important?”

Let’s dive into the statistics to confirm that more than half of the digital traffic online comes from mobile devices. Roughly estimated depending on the industry. According to Google, more than 50% of the people who search for the product or services are mobile users.
Even if it’s as low as 25%, are you willing to lose that many clients looking for the same thing your brand was offering? Neglecting such a significant figure of traffic is not a very practical decision. That’s not all but the fact that your website is not up to the mark when considering the web standards, i.e., mobile friendly, also negatively affects your overall triumph in search engines. Once upon a time Mobile friendly website was an option but not anymore. It’s a necessary move now.

Mobile Friendly Sites

With the supremacy of being one of the most significant search engines, Google has now publicly announced that mobile-friendliness will have a powerful effect on the ranking factor. Mobile-Friendly sites are now the new romance of Google and are also considered an important ranking factor. There were speculations that Google may have been valuing websites that can cater to both mobile and desktop visitors. Clearly stating, Google will expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

Plenty of factors in the ranking algorithm leave us puzzled about mobile friendliness. The mobile testing tool pays attention to how it looks, the performance of your mobile page, and the mobile speed score.

I am sure once in a while, and you also stumble on a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. You are checking out the store you plan to visit or a restaurant. It is frustrating to pinch and zoom each website section to navigate or read. It is not what you would want for your brand, of course. Here are some more factors that you might need to consider when weighing the importance of a website being mobile-friendly.

Reasons To Have Mobile-Friendly Websites

Users’ Preference

There might be a million uses of desktops for personal or professional purposes, but it’s not like those people aren’t in touch with smartphones. It is a fast-paced world, and you have to agree that we all have used to instant access to information. So it is a very obvious expectation of the user to find any brand they came across while being on desktop computers.

Boost Your Sales

Mobile Friendly website lets visitors instantly contact you with direct and easy clickable buttons. In the case of a website, a search requires the user to write the number down and then dial it on their Mobile to reach you. So, it is a great time to extend the accessibility of your website to easily contactable, thus instantly adding a sense of trust among the visitors. Hectic, isn’t it? Web-based purchasing has taken an excellent level of blow-up.

Web Traffic

You have the upper hand in reaching a wider audience anytime, anywhere with a mobile-friendly website. You would want to offer your clients and visitors a seamless experience because the first impression itself helps them figure out whether these users are interested in your business or not. A mobile-friendly webpage looks flawless and is easy to navigate compared to a non-mobile-friendly one.

Mobile friendly website affects Google ranking

Google’s all-important algorithm makes a mobile-friendly website a priority. A significant margin of people on the Internet at any point in time is searching on Google for something. Therefore all websites swing into action on their SEO strategies to enhance the responsiveness of their website, to show up on the first few results of the relevant keyword search. Click here to know – What Is SEO?

Easily Sharable increases customer loyalty

Sharing is a necessary means of spreading information. With excellent connectivity among family and friends, users likely want to share links to social media, text messages etc. If your data isn’t mobile-friendly, it makes sharing difficult and even if one user shares it going through all the hurdles, will the receiving user be able to access it on their smartphone?

Stay Competitive

There are businesses out there offering the same niche of product and service that you are easily accessible on Mobile. Suppose a user is searching for a product. Your competitor’s website appears on the search result. They have a mobile-friendly website, so aren’t you missing out? You have a business with great potential. It would be best if you had a strategy to smash the barrier between your brand and the users.

Mobile-friendly website is important

An adaptive device website helps to create credibility for the business. And also portrays a message that the company is updated with the current technology. For loyal customers, you need to increase the conversion rate of the visitors to your website, which is not happening until the website is easy to navigate. If you liked something on your desktop, you would expect it to be nicely visible on Mobile when it comes up while you are out with a friend and want to show them. You won’t be carrying a desktop with you, so in the end, you would have to convince them by saying, “no, no, trust me, it’s a good brand. It’s just not looking good on mobile”.


Having a mobile-friendly website is imperative it is 2022. People first search online before stepping out of their homes. If your website is about selling stuff online and you don’t have a mobile-friendly website. It’s nothing less than throwing money away. Ultimately, it’s not wrong to say that a mobile-friendly website, when deployed correctly, is an investment with actual returns.

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