What is an SEO Site Audit And Why is it Needed?

What is an SEO Site Audit And Why is it Needed?

Do you have a website that is supposed to generate income, but it does not fulfill its function? Low traffic, few orders, poor visibility in search engines? The reason probably lies in the errors or shortcomings of the site itself. You can ignore these shortcomings, you can assume that you have an ideal site. But these shortcomings are noticed by your visitors and search engine robots. As well as SEO specialists. In order to find and eliminate possible problems, errors and shortcomings, it is necessary to conduct an SEO site audit of the website.

In fact, an audit is like an examination by a doctor. The site in this case is a patient, and an SEO specialist is a doctor :).I have been doing SEO since 2010 and I know most of the tricks for successful website promotion. By ordering an audit from me, you will receive not only a professional analysis of your site, but you will also communicate directly with a specialist, and not with an intermediary manager.

During the SEO site audit, the site will be analyzed for the following errors that prevent it from getting into the TOP of search results:

Analysis of Internal Optimization (Technical SEO Site Audit):

  • The correct setting of mirrors with www and without www , because for search engines these are two different sites
  • The presence of possible duplicate pages (this problem is common to most online stores)
  • Missing or incorrectly configured robots.txt file
  • Absence or non-compliance with search engine standards of the sitemap.xml file
  • Presence of outgoing links that are not closed from indexing, especially those leading to dubious resources
  • Presence of broken links (leading to deleted or non-existent pages)
  • The presence of hidden links (they are present in the code and indexed by the PS, but visually absent on the site)
  • Analysis of titile and description tags for all pages of the site, the presence of keywords and phrases in them
  • Checking the uniqueness of texts and their optimization (presence and density of keywords, readability of the text)
  • Image optimization check (presence of alt tags)
  • Checking the speed of loading pages of the site
  • Availability of web analytics systems Google Analytics on the website
  • Website usability analysis (user-friendliness)

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External Optimization Analysis:

  • Availability and quality of incoming links to the site, analysis of donor sites;
  • Analysis of the reference mass of competing sites;
  • The presence of social signals (likes, tweets);
  • The presence of reviews and references to the company and the site;

The audit will analyse all of the above problems and make recommendations for their elimination. An audit is a mandatory step in an SEO campaign. It is performed before the internal and external optimization of the site.

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