What is Core Web Vitals: How to fix

What is Core Web Vitals: How to fix

You already know that Google has more than 200+ algorithms and Google gives a lot of importance to its users. That’s why Google keeps making changes in its algorithm from time to time. So that its users can get a better experience. Do you know that recently Google has added a new ranking factor in its algorithms named Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals

According to Neilpatel.com, Google has made more than 500 changes to its algorithms so that it can provide a better experience to its users.

Do you want to know what Core Web Vitals? And why is it important? So this article is going to be very helpful for you.

I have provided a Detail Guide in this article below about what is Core Web Vitals, how many metrics are there, and why it is necessary. And also how to use them in the Google search console and how to fix them by finding problems. If you read this article well, then you can easily understand this ranking factor of Google.

What are Core Web Vitals? 

Google has recently made some changes to its algorithm by bringing an update, which Google named Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals is a ranking factor that improves Page Experience. This is applied to the posts and pages of all websites.

If you understand this Google’s ranking factor well and use it properly, you can perform your blog posts well on search engine result pages (SERPs) and get high rankings. Many factors are included in Core Web Vitals.

These factors depend on how much your website is loading and how long its interaction with the user is happening. When the user goes to the page of a website through mobile or desktop, then how fast that page is loading.

All these factors depend on the metrics of Core Web Vitals, so now you must have understood what Core Web Vitals is. So, let me give you information about its metrics.

Metrics of core web vitals

When do you know what Core Web Vitals are? So now you should know its metrics, because if you want to rank your website posts on search engines, then you have to prepare posts keeping in mind the metrics of Google’s updated core web vitals.

Then only you will get better results and you will be able to rank in your posts on search engines. There are 3 types of matrices that depend on visitor interactions. Here I will tell you about these metrics one by one. Which is like this;

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

When users visit your website or blog post via mobile or desktop. Then your website takes time to load in front of visitors. This loading speed is measured in LCP. The loading speed of the main content of your web page is measured in 3 ways.

If your website’s main content loads in less than 2.5 seconds then it is considered good and if your website takes more than 2.5 seconds to load then it needs to be improved and if the website loads more than 4 seconds. If it happens then it falls into the Poor category.

2. First Input Delay (FID) 

When a visitor visits a blog post by clicking on the link of your website, then at what time the first element of the blog post is visible, it is called FID.

If you want to give the user a better experience on your post, the FID of the page should be less than 100 milliseconds

But if it is between 100 and 300 milliseconds, it needs to be improved and if it is more than 300 milliseconds it will be included in the poor category.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

If you want to give visitors to your website a good experience, the CLS of your website’s blog post should be less than 0.1. 

And if it is between 0.1 to 0.25, you should improve it. As well as if it is more than 0.25, it falls into the poor category.

Why are Core Web Vitals important?   

When do you know what Core Web Vitals are? But do you know why it is important for a website? If you don’t know, no problem, let me tell you about it.

As you know that Google has made this update in its algorithm to improve its user experience and you can take advantage of this update. You can improve your page experience by placing higher-quality content and more backlinks. After that, your website will soon start to rank on the first page of SERPs in Google’s search engine.

You should find out the problem in the posts and pages of your website and make necessary corrections so that the user experience is going well and the post is ranked high on Google. 

So now you have understood why it is important for this website, let me tell you how to use Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console.

How to use Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console?

If you want to get the report of Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console, then I will tell you the procedure here so that you can easily view the Core Web Vitals report on your website. I have explained this process through some points. Which is like this;

  • First of all, search Google Search Console on the search engine.
  • Then by clicking on the first website of the upcoming search result, you will reach the Google search console.
  • Next, you will need to log in to Google Search Console.
  • As soon as you log into Google Search Console, you will reach its homepage.
Google Search Console
  • Here you will find the option of Core Web Vitals on the dashboard on the left side, click on it.
Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Section

As soon as you click, you will get the result. Here you will see a list in which all those URLs will have core web vitals issues.

Google page speed insight result

Now that you have come to know about these problems, you can fix these problems by customizing the posts on your website. So now let me tell you how to fix these problems.

How to fix core web vitals; 10 simple ways

When you detect these problems in Google Search Console, it is also necessary to fix them. You can improve your website page experience by fixing these issues.

Here I have given 10 simple ways by which you can solve these problems easily. These simple methods are as follows;

  • You must customize the images of your blog post.
  • Minimize the JavaScript and CSS available in your blog posts.
  • If there is a rendering blocking resource, delete it.
  • If your website’s blog post contains any unused JavaScript or unnecessary data, remove it. 
  • Use a lightweight theme in your website’s blog post.
  • Implement lazy loading on your website. Due to which the website starts loading fast.
  • To reduce the size of the image, this can be done by cropping and compressing.
  • Whenever possible defer or sync scripts.
  • Remove the pre-load filler. Which will start your website fast loading.
  • Use the correct font in the blog post of your website.


If you have read this article carefully then you must have understood what Core Web Vitals? And why is it important for the website?

You can easily detect these problems using Google Search Console and then fix them, which improves the page experience for visitors to your website’s blog posts. Apart from this, you can also detect and improve these problems with the help of Page Speed Insight and Chrome Extensions.

Google has done this update in its algorithm keeping in mind only its users. So that its users can get a better page experience. If a website produces quality content and also inserts a lot of backlinks but if its page experience is not good then it can never rank.

Along with this, I have given you information about 3 metrics of core web vitals. And why core web vitals are important, how to use them in the Google search console and how to find problems and how to fix those problems, etc.

With which you can easily understand Core Web Vitals and use them in the blog posts of your website, which also improves your SEO and increases the ranking.

I hope you have understood this article very well. If you found this article useful, you can share it with needy people. And if you are facing any kind of problem to understand this article then you can comment. I (Digital Akshay) will answer your question as soon as possible.

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