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Google Algorithm | A Complete Guide (Updated 2022)

Brothers who are working in the field of blogging, they must know almost what is the Google algorithm and how it works, what is its place in SEO. But for those who are new bloggers, it is important to know about the algorithm of Google, what is its impact on a blog or website. The question is too many

I am going to tell you almost all the important factors, which if you take care then you will be able to optimize your blog or website properly. So let’s get into detail..

What Is A Google Algorithm

‘Google Algorithm’ is such a process of SEO that shows its effect on the posts and pages coming in our SERPs, due to which the ranking of the post keeps going up and down. The aim of Google algorithm is to provide high quality content to the user with great user experience and improve search ranking. We can say that the Google’s algorithm works as a filter, which keeps the quality content up and down the low quality content. Google keeps changing its algorithm.

Google Algorithm Definition

Google, which is our popular search engine, always tries to make sure that if a user searches a query, then he will get the relevant result, because neither Google likes nor any user will do half-incomplete and uninformative information. Therefore, all the factors that are used to show a relevant result come in the Google algorithm. Write an SEO friendly blog article which can be easily understood by search engines.

Note: Google uses about 200+ factors, then the ranking of your post is decided.

How Does Google Search Algorithm Works

A question rising in your mind that how does the Google search Algorithm works? When a user searches by entering his keyword in the search engine, then Google shows the best quality content about that keyword on your SERPs page. To better understand how Google’s algorithm works, it is important for you to know that there are search engines like google, yahoo and bing, how do all this work. If you want to know, then read my SEO post. What is SEO? I have explained the basics in it.

Crawling web pages

Google’s bots & spiders crawl your page. By crawl, I mean your web page is checked.

Analysis content

After checking your web page, the material of your content is analyzed which includes your headings, keywords etc.

Storing content

In this, Google stores the content of your web page in its store box.

Filter (Decide Ranking)

After all this process, Google by applying its factors, filtering it, which Google likes best, it shows it on the first page of the search engine result.

Google’s Algorithm For SEO

SEO is such a way by which we can get our blog or website ranked, that too without paying any money, isn’t it a good thing? But you know that along with doing SEO, we also need to take care of Google’s algorithm, so that you do not make some such mistake that you may regret later. If you want to learn SEO or want to correct SEO mistakes, then read both these guides.

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Google’s Algorithm Update

Like I just said that it is the endeavor of Google to give high quality content to its users with perfect experience. Quality content is what the user wants, he gets it in a single content. So that he does not need to go to any page.

Google Algorithm Update

By the way, Google keeps changing its algorithm so that no one can detect these algorithms. What happens with this is that if someone tampers with these algorithms, then Google can give him a penalty. Then whether it is your blog or website, it will not be visible far and wide in Google. Actually the purpose of Google search ranking algorithm is to improve SERP and block content like fake information so that the user always gets correct and accurate information.

Note: Google makes thousands of updates in its algorithm in a year, some are so small that their impact is not even visible.

But the updates of the last few years were also such that the ranking of blogs with low quality content fell completely down. The rankings fluctuated to a large extent when these updates arrived. So let’s know what those updates were.

Major Google Algorithm Updates List

  • Fred
  • Core
  • RankBrain
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Humming Bird
  • Pigeon
  • Page Layout algorithm
  • Mobile-first index
  • Zero Result SERP Test

Of these, Panda, Penguin and HummingBird were major updates.

#1. What is Google Panda Update?

When this update came, there was an impact in the ranking of blogs of many people. Google’s panda update targets content quality If your content is of poor quality then no one can save your blog from Google’s panda. He will be a victim of it not today but tomorrow and your ranking will be down.

Panda Algorithm

Thin Content

What people do, write small articles and publish them. Google’s Panda does not like such articles at all, whose lenght is too short.

Uncompleted Information

The blogger brother, he writes half the article and keeps on publishing it quickly, so that he does not give complete information in the article and does not cover all the topics. Google Panda does not like such information.

Copy Paste The Content

Some people copy someone else’s article and paste it in their post, if you are caught like this, then you can get a penalty, in this case panda algorithm is very accurate.

4. Writing the same keyword again and again (Keyword stuffing)

This method used to work long ago, by writing their target keyword again and again, they used to rank that keyword, but since the Panda update came, after that, the person who does this work can get penality.

Google panda dislikes all these points.

How to recover rankings impacted by Google Panda update?

Like I told that panda looks at the quality of your content, so you have to avoid the above points while writing content. Always write quality content, optimize according to both the user and Google.

#2. What is Google Penguin Update

Its main purpose is that the links that you have added to the blog are relevant and of good quality to your blog or website? Google’s Penguin checks all types of links implemented on your web page. If you have spammed with any link in your blog or website, then you will not be able to escape from the sight of penguin. As soon as he finds out the error, the ranking of your blog will drop, maybe even give a penalty.

Penguin Algorithm

Paid links

There are different ways to promote your blog or website, one of them is paid links. A company like fiverr sells by making links and people also use it, believe that many people use the method but you have to avoid.

There is no link to the blog (Unrelated links)

Some people add unrelated links to their blog or website, which have nothing to do with your blog far and wide. In this case you are cheating your user. If you are doing this too, then stop. Google’s Penguin is monitoring every move of your blog.

Large number of links

There are also some bloggers who think that if they add a link to their blog, then traffic will start coming to their blog, then it is not so.

Everything looks good in the limit.

Low quality backlinks

People make a lot of backlinks for their blog or website, they do not pay attention to the link quality in the affair of more backlinks. Due to which, instead of benefiting from them, they have to incur losses on the contrary. This is how Lynx doesn’t like Google’s Penguin. It will down the ranking of your blog.

How to recover rankings impacted by Google Penguin update?

Remove such links from your website and blog which are of no use to the user. Use links in the limit that seem natural. If you are making a backlink, then definitely check that website, do not forget to check its DA, PA.

#3. What is Google Humming Bird Update?

When the user searches a query, hummingbird is the best Google search algorithm updates. Google humming bird works in real time. As soon as you search for a keyword, Google starts recognizing its intent and starts showing keywords related to it. Actually Google’s hummingbird works to identify the intent of the user and tries to show the exact result to the user. You must have got this much idea, this algorithm is completely different from the panda and penguin algorithm.

Humming Bird Algorithm

Where penguin and panda show their impact in the ranking, Google’s hummingbird is beyond them, it pays attention to the user’s search query. By the way, hummingbird focuses more on long tail queries, the result of this is also the same, it considers it right to show high quality content on long tail queries. As people search the same question in different ways, the job of hummingbird is to identify the user’s intent and provide the relevant result that he is looking for.

Note: If you are writing an article, then you should know about what keywords people are using on Google and what is their intent.

You must know how important the role Google algorithm plays for a blog website to run for a long time. If you follow the guidelines of Google then you can bring organic traffic. Although it takes time but proves to be very good in the long term. As I said, Google keeps on changing its algorithm, it never openly tells what changes it has made. So that the security remains and no one can misuse it.

But we have some SEO experts who do experiments to find out what algorithm Google has changed this time. In such a situation, you should moz, in such a situation, whenever Google changes its algorithm or brings a new update, then you will know.

Also in 2021, new updates recently arrived:

Google Algorithm Update 2021

Google’s New Smith Algorithm

Google’s New Smith Algorithm

Google’s new algorithm is SMITH (Siamese Multi-depth Transformer-based Hierarchical) which will work to better understand large content forms. Where Google’s BERT works on a phrase, it is understood that now Smith will work on and understand the entire large content. In October 2020, Google made an announcement of passage indexing, in which your content is shown only when a paragraph is relevant to the user’s query.

Now Google will never officially announce whether Google is using Smith algorithm or not.

Google BERT Algorithm

Google BERT Algorithm

Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) which came out in October 2019. Which was initially used in only 10% of queries in English language only. Now BERT is showing its impact in Hindi blogs and websites. Google’s BERT gives the relevant answer by understanding the phrase (sentence) of the algorithm from both the front and back. Which helps Google understand the content.

What Is Google Core Update?

Google Core Update

Google’s core updates are seen two to three times a year with the aim of improving search ranking, which is one of the best Google’s algorithms goals. This update came in June 2021 and the second update came in July 2021, which was said to take one to two weeks to roll out. However, it is not certain that till then its effect will be seen. These algorithm updates go through several stages and are tested and then released.

What to do for Google Core Update?

Google’s core algorithm update is to show better results in search rankings. For this you need a planning, planning is necessary only for this update? So it’s not like it applies to everyone

So first a few questions:

  • Is there content on the website which is of higher quality than other websites?
  • Is there content on the website for which people subscribe to your email?
  • Can the content on the website be trusted?
  • Is the content copied from somewhere and written?

If I am speaking the word EAT then you should not understand what E-A-T is. If you do not know EAT in the list then here is the official pdf. When you understand E-A-T then you are ready to fight with these algorithms.

What Is Google Spam Link Update?

Spam Link Update

This update was released by Google on July 26, 2021, with the aim of finding and punishing websites that spam. Those that do not follow the rules of Google are called spam links. Google all algorithm updates slowly start to roll out like First 10%, 30%, 50%, 80% and then 100%.

What Is Google Page Experience Update?

Page Experience Algorithm

Google announced the Page Experience update in April and began rolling it out in mid-June, took a long time to complete, and was finally released by August. Such updates are meant to improve the page. This is Google’s main core web vital in which the Secure Web Browsing update was considered important. Those who work against the guidelines of Google, those who work on hacking, those websites were taken out of the SERPs and the exact purpose was to improve the website.

What To Do To Update Page Experience?

Shortly after this update came, I posted a post on it that prepares your website for updates. If you already connected with me, you would have known. If not, then check this out now.

Google Algorithm Core Update 2022

May 2022 Core Update

The core update of June 9, 2022 saw a lot of traffic down. Data shows that most of the website owners with down traffic were using AI generator tools. It is a tool with the help of which content is created. By doing this he saves himself from writing content. The May 2022 core update is targeting the same thing as weeding out people who generate content using AI technology AI-made content is not bad but not good for Google


Hope you have understood and collected the information about Google’s algorithm and what role algorithm plays in SEO, you must have understood it well. Now you share your thoughts with us, I love hearing it, yes really. Has your website progressed or suffered damage? Do tell me in the comment below.

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