Performance Based Marketing

What is Performance-Based Marketing?

It means that more and more people are relying on digital platforms. More than that, businesses are using this digital area to widespread their services and products by coming up with advertisements and many ways to cater to the audience. It is where Performance-Based Marketing comes into the picture. Here, in this blog, you will […]
Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

Digital marketing is an important tool for any business, and it’s especially crucial for franchises. In order to reach a wider audience and attract new customers, franchisees need to create a strong digital presence. There are many different digital marketing strategies that can be used, and it’s important to choose the right ones for your […]
How to Get Google Ads Certification

How to Get Google Ads Certification? Full Guide

The Google AdWords contextual advertising specialist certificate will be useful if you provide services for creating and maintaining advertising campaigns in this system. It is also the first step towards earning the Google Partner badge for your agency. I recently received my Google Ads certification.  How to get this certificate? Let’s figure it out. To get it, You […]

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